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Entrepreneurship: study and practice, self-transcendence

Corporate vision: Provide professional electrical connection solutions for Chinese companies to create world-leading products, and achieve a happy life for employees


For many years, Zhiheng Zhuoneng has always adhered to the core values of "customer first, win-win, innovation, integrity, passion, dedication", and "learning and practicing, self-transcendence" as the corporate spirit. A sound scientific management system has been established and a positive corporate atmosphere has been formed.

"People-oriented, respect for talents; people make the best use of their talents" is Zhiheng Zhuoneng's consistent concept of talents.

We are eager for talents and recruit people with lofty ideals in society;

We respect the personal development of employees and provide a platform for free play;

We recognize the labor value of our employees, and are equipped with a competitive salary system and welfare mechanism;

We advocate happy work and provide a variety of corporate cultural activities;

For Zhiheng Zhuoneng, business and capital are not the most important. Business can be expanded and replaced, capital can be absorbed and integrated, but talent is the most irreplaceable, and it is our most precious wealth;

Chi Heng Zhuo Neng pays attention to the interests and expertise of employees, and promotes the personal career development of employees with good working conditions, comprehensive employee training plans, and career path design;

Pay attention to the management of corporate culture, promote the continuous improvement of employee satisfaction with healthy and simple interpersonal relationships, serious and lively working atmosphere, and smooth and transparent communication methods, so that employees can maintain the happiness of growing up with the company;

Pay attention to stimulating the potential of employees, pursue the mutual growth of individuals and the company, and achieve personal excellence with an excellent team.